If you’re looking to find your way to the outdoors to enjoy some peace and quiet, McDaniel Farm Park is ideal.

McDaniel Farm Park in Lawrenceville is a large park perfect for a family outing rife with local history and antique buildings. Take the family outdoors and show them a piece of Duluth history. An old cotton farm turned into a beautiful park, McDaniel Farm Park has an antique farm home with a blacksmith shed, a carriage house and a barn as it’s the centerpiece.  If you’re looking to get some fresh air while learning, go on a hike in the park or take a stroll, McDaniel Farm Park is the destination park for you.

Where is McDaniel Farm Park?

Located 3251 McDaniel Road, not much has changed for this cotton farm since the land lottery in 1820. In the Great Depression, this beautiful green space housed struggling farmers and sharecroppers. Restored to its original condition, this park has all the advantages of an outdoor museum in the heart of a beautiful park. Get your family and a bottle of water and start hiking and learning. 

Park Amenities

As part of the Gwinnett Parks Department, McDaniel Farm offers many standard park amenities you’d see at most parks like picnic tables and group pavilions with the added bonus of a historic learning experience.

Park visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy amenities such as:

  • A playground
  • Paved pathway
  • Nature trails
  • Historic buildings to explore
  • Antique farm equipment
  • Guided tours
  • Dog Park

The Historic Buildings

Maintained by dedicated volunteers, Mcdaniel Farm Park is perfect for any history buff and park enthusiast. With a dedicated paved trail guiding visitors to the historic buildings, visitors can stroll through a refurbished 1930s farmhouse, barn, blacksmith shed with equipment, carriage house, tenant house, and much much more. Come and see it for yourself or book a tour by contacting the the parks department.

Other Fun Things to Do in Lawrenceville

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